Joomla Version 1.7 Released, More Advanced Features In Create a Website

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The website developer or web developer already very familiar hear mention of Joomla! There is a Joomla Content Management System is quite popular after WordPress. Reuters noted that 2.8% of the websites that are present in the virtual world using Joomla, this information is accurate it is, even recorded in the alexa site.Individual users of Joomla is also among the diverse people, from a personal, organizational, online stores, the company, until the government websites also use open source. What and how the features offered by Joomla Version 1.7?

Joomla Version 1.7 undergone many changes from previous version. The most striking change lies in the Access Control List (ACL) Via this feature, you can control who can view and manage content quickly, and in anyway add to the model for organizing the group and member without restriction. Joomla CMS has many advantages, so many users who choose it as content for their website. Features that are easy to apply to be one of the advantages, other than that Joomla supports many additional software plugins and extensions that you can get a paid or free.
Some of the latest update:
  • Jquery hover with the mouse features an elegant, when directed at one of the modules, then the background will wrap such as paper.
  • Additional templates with a more user friendly.
  • with display the thumbnail feature templates, so you can see the preview on your website to know the results.

Easy installation already in use in this version 1.7. At some stage, Joomla 1.7 backend features are already available in case of error in the installation, You do not need to create a database of over again. And if you want to get this CMS, you can download it here, You do not have to pay for these CMS for free.


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