BeBuzz for BlackBerry v5.0.24, Give New Color On BlackBerry

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Who use the application BeBuzz been able to get the latest updates for free if you've ever bought in advance.
BeBuzz formerly known BerryBuzz, The function of this application is to control the LED forward to see who is calling you. BeBuzz for BlackBerry updated to version 5.0.24 which serves to change the color of the LED so you can check email, SMS whom the entry of the color LED. Of course, once you set it up first. The application received a rather large update today bringing some neat new features, and some enhancements to fix bugs that were previously found. 
In this update was the addition of the ability to add custom colors to BBM contacts, users can now have the BBM messages displayed as a pop up instead of just a notification on the icon, a rework of the user interface and more. If you are a current user be sure to head over and grab the update, and If you are a BlackBerry user make sure you upgrade to version 5.0.24 BeBuzz. If you have trouble installing, you may click here. or download via App World.


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