Download Skype 5.9 Final Offline Installer

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Skype has just released the newest version Skype Final. Now you can Download Skype Final Offline Installer. Some new functionality has been added to Skype 5.9 which will help people use Skype with more ease. In Skype Final, a confirmation message will appear if anyone drags a new contact in the group conversation. This course is very useful for the wrong contacts are added to the group conversation.

With Skype Final you can now use a hotkey to take a snapshot during video calls (Tools>Options>Advanced>Hotkeys). For skype user from australia there is good news for you, in this update you can make international calls by using 011. Including improvements to the Skype 5.9 on the touch screen, share your profile (you can now change the phone number country code), video and group conversations (full name is now displayed). The complete list is available.

What’s new in Skype
  • A new confirmation message when sending a contact to a group conversation
  • A new Hotkey for taking snapshots during video calls
  • Improved non-standard international phone number recognition for Australian users
  • The ability to opt-out from silent updates
Resolved issues:
  • Screen sharing: Red contours shared window had defects when moving the window around
  • Screen sharing: It was not possible to initiate screen sharing session when user was in invisible state
  • Video: Webcam in use message was not displayed properly
  • Profile: It was not possible to change on your own profile your phone numbers country code
  • Generic: Skype crashed when pressing “esc” while editing contacts phone number
  • Video: Video preview did not close after switching the video off
  • Calling: Add people to call did not list contacts from other contact list than currently active
  • Accessibility: When receiving multiple files at once the file
  • Options: Seldom expanding options sub menus did not work
  • Group conversations: Sometimes instead of contacts full name a Skype name was shown instead on group calls
  • Generic: On two monitor setup when switching from default mode to compact mode Skype was put to secondary monitor
  • Localization: Localization to all languages updated
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