Download Google Play Store v3.5.15 Offline Installer

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Google has started to launch Google Play Store v3.5.15 for download by users of Android. Google Play Store which is a transformation from the Android Market, again get a renovation and repair. In addition to preparing to develop a media distribution, Google Play Store Android app also fixes the order provided. This update introduces several new features that will make your experience with Android apps better.

At Google Play Store v3.5.15 When looking at the My Apps page, visitors will find a view like in other parts of the tabulation of the available programs. If it is shifted to the left and right, visitors can switch between applications that have been updated, has been installed, or display all applications. This tabulation will be displayed in the paid applications and free applications are already installed, including applications that have been tested

Google Play Store v3.5.15 also improve the way to sort the review application. Visitors can be sorted starting from the most helpful and most recently. Visitors can also do filtering so that it displays the latest review or from the originating phone / tablet the same. This feature will help to compare how an application when installed on various Android devices.

Download Google Play Store v3.5.15 Offline Installer


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