Windows Phone Tango Officially Launched in China On March 21

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If you are waiting patiently for Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh, update Tango, it seems that your wait time will be over soon. According to Tech Crunch website, Microsoft has sent invitations to the media in Mandarin for Tango debut March 21 in Beijing. Nokia indicated will also prepare the launch of three handsets in China on March 28.

There has been no official information at Tango update will be available to all parts of the world, but let's just not long from the event. Update Tango highly visible hallmark of Nokia, Nokia has long been in the low-end mobile phone market, and to provide access to Windows Phone into a phone that has a low hardware specifications like reflecting back the power of Nokia's market.

Of course in the Chinese market, the results of their work will be modified to match the existing regulations. Although Nokia had become the largest mobile phone manufacturer in China, Android now has become a popular operating system, either regular or Android version that has been specially modified version of the Chinese market.

Apple also started to become a popular operating system in there. Will Nokia and Microsoft back into a world giant in the mobile market? Let's just wait doings of the operating system is Windows Phone.


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