Download Google Chrome 19 Stable Offline Installer

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Google has released the latest stable build of Google Chrome 19 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 Stable Offline Installer is the latest version of google that can be installed offline (without internet connection). Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 Stable which comes with a new tab syncing feature that allows users to access the same tabs across multiple computers as well as an Android 4.0 phone with the Chrome beta app installed.

Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 Stable allowing you to pick up browsing from where you left. Bookmarks, apps, extensions, history, themes, and other settings are also synchronized between devices. This latest Stable version will be available over the next few days, but the tab sync feature will roll out over the coming weeks.

Download Google Chrome 19 Stable Offline Installer

What’s new in Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 Stable:
  • [112983] Low CVE-2011-3083: Browser crash with video + FTP.
  • [113496] Low CVE-2011-3084: Load links from internal pages in their own process.
  • [118374] Medium CVE-2011-3085: UI corruption with long autofilled values.
  • [118642] High CVE-2011-3086: Use-after-free with style element.
  • [118664] Low CVE-2011-3087: Incorrect window navigation.
  • [120648] Medium CVE-2011-3088: Out-of-bounds read in hairline drawing.
  • [120711] High CVE-2011-3089: Use-after-free in table handling.
  • [121223] Medium CVE-2011-3090: Race condition with workers.
  • [121734] High CVE-2011-3091: Use-after-free with indexed DB.
  • [122337] High CVE-2011-3092: Invalid write in v8 regex.
  • [122585] Medium CVE-2011-3093: Out-of-bounds read in glyph handling.
  • [122586] Medium CVE-2011-3094: Out-of-bounds read in Tibetan handling.
  • [$1000] [123481] High CVE-2011-3095: Out-of-bounds write in OGG container.
  • [123733] [124182] High CVE-2011-3097: Out-of-bounds write in sampled functions with PDF.
  • [Windows only] [124216] Low CVE-2011-3098: Bad search path for Windows Media Player plug-in.
  • [124479] High CVE-2011-3099: Use-after-free in PDF with corrupt font encoding name.
  • [124652] Medium CVE-2011-3100: Out-of-bounds read drawing dash paths.
  • [125462] High CVE-2011-3102: Off-by-one out-of-bounds write in libxml.
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