Google Launches Costume Themes for Gmail

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Google Launches Costume Themes for Gmail. Google tried to continue to make Gmail users enamored, one of them by updating the theme. Now users can create their emails became more personal. They also launched a custom theme so that users can choose your own background image to their email

Now users can choose the background of the photo on Google +, upload them directly or write the address of the image (image URL). Google also provides some beautiful images in the Featured Photos. After uploading photos users will be given the option to use Light or Dark themes for the interface.

Google Launches Costume Themes for Gmail

The theme has become an important part of Gmail since its launch in 2008. Gmail that we know come up with a simple design, practical and minimalist. This simple design helps the user to easily distinguish the inbox and other folders. While the theme of the quality of HD has been introduced in November last year, but only a limited set of iStockphoto.


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