Official Google AdSense Toolbar Extension for Chrome

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Official Google  AdSense Toolbar Extension for Chrome - Google Chrome has just launched a new extension that will connect with your adsens account. The name of the Toolbar is “Adsense Publisher Toolbar by Google, Now you don't need to open your AdSense account to view your earnings, you can directly view it without leaving the current page. The extension is very simple and you can open it anytime to quickly view your AdSense earnings. The extension AdSense publisher toolbar, when opened displays a summary of your total earnings from today, yesterday, the current month and of the previous month. It also displays the earnings of the top custom channels  that you created in your AdSense account.

This AdSense publisher toolbar has two significant features. Firstly you can viewpoint your earnings without having to the  leave page website your on to check out out your AdSense dashboard. This is somewhat useful but just saves a few seconds. The second feature however seems much more useful.With the toolbar installed when you visit your site your ad units will have an overlay which displays their performance.Both the earnings tab and overlay display the earnings for the current day, yesterdays earnings and earnings for the last seven days.Both also have a link to your AdSense dashboard while the unit overlay also has a link to edit the unit.

Simply install the extension AdSense publisher toolbar. After installation is complete these extensions give permission to access adsense account. As always enter your email and password (security is ensured because the device is Google's official output). For the record, once you install this extension, it will automatically connect to the Google Adsense account using OAuth and then use the APIs to retrieve data AdSense adsense revenue. Of course seelumnya make sure you give authorization to this extension, just once.

Reports are emerging real time reports from adsense account pages. At first glance look identical to the report page or pages with adsense for mobile users who access a report for adsense pages using mobile devices. Income information displayed includes:
  • Account earnings summary (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
  • Top 5 custom channels
  • Top 5 URL channels
  • Lifetime revenue
In-site ad overlay gives you the following options right in your site:
  • Instant summary of each ad unit’s earnings (today, yesterday, last 7 days)
  • Links to go straight to your AdSense account
Although not entirely satisfactory Adsense Publisher Toolbar is quite handy in my opinion personally, including enhancements that do not burden the performance of the browser. As well as plugins and add-on in most browsers, for example Mozilla Firefox browser that tend to drain performance.

To start using this new Adsense Publisher Toolbar, just follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and download the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. This will add the toolbar icon to your browser.
  2. You’ll then need to grant the toolbar access to your AdSense account. To do so, click the toolbar icon and then sign in to Google Accounts with your AdSense login and password.
  3. Next, visit a website where you’ve implemented your ad code, and enable the toolbar by clicking on the toolbar icon again.


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