How to Make Animated GIFs on Android Phone

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How to Make Animated GIFs on Android Phone - Sharing funny videos via mobile devices is fun however definitely would require an large bandwidth. Instead, you'll be able to share a lightweight within the sort of animated GIF files. GIFDroid Application for Android can assist you create the animation you wish. With GIFDroid for Android, you can create a new animation or video taken of existing and make it an animated GIF. Animation file size is quite small so you can send to your friends quickly.

The first step you need to do is install GIFDroid from Android Market, then run the application. Afterwards follow the following steps:

 1. Choose the Select Video or Record Video. If you choose Select Video, then it will open Gallery to select the video you want.

2. Select the video you meant to be used as animated GIF. You can slide on the gray bar at the beginning and the end to set the video section. If you wish, you can also select the Edit Preferences GIF if you want to set the FPS, give pause between the frames and set the size of the resulting GIF files.

 3. Select frames from a video that you will use. This is the proper way to dispose of sections as well as minimize file size animations.

4. For the final stage, tap on ‘Create GIF’ in the bottom right corner.

5. Preview and share animated GIF you just created. You can rename, create a new one or delete the animation you just created it. GIFDroid application also can be utilized to create a profile or animated cute icons for your share on Facebook.


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