Download Secure My Files 3.2 Get License for free and legally

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Secure My Files is a small software that serves to lock the file or folder so that the file / folder can not be accessed by everyone. So if you have a file / folder secret that should not be viewed or accessed by others, you can lock it to the Secure My Files application. Besides being able to lock the file / folder, Secure My Files can also be used to lock USB and Memory Card FlashDisk.

Powerful utility to encrypt your files and password protect removable drives. Secure My Files is a powerful utility that helps you protect your files fast and secure. With Secure My Files you can create Secure Bins to encrypt your files in, set special permissions to files and folders and deny access and password protect removable drives.
  • Using one of most Secure algorithms (AES 256)
  • High Portability
  • Folder Locking
  • Advanced Features
  • Friendly and Good Looking interface

To get Secure My Files License Code for free and legally, please follow these few easy steps below:

1. Download Secure My Files
2. Visit this PAGE
3. If you are a student, you can get Secure My Files for free. Enter your student email address.


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