Download TweetDeck v1.3 for Windows and Mac OS

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One of the popular Twitter client TweetDeck released a new version that has reached version 1.3. On TweetDeck v1.3 changes occur on features and performance improvements. New features include the ability to preview media such as images and video. Now tweet form of images and video can be directly displayed at the top of the tweet. This is very helpful because we usually have to go back and forth to the web browser just to open the video and pictures.

Another new feature list management where the use of now can create, modify and delete the list directly from TweetDeck. Even TweetDeck brings its own Lists button so users more easily manage the list. TweetDeck also change the term "Quote Tweet" to "Edit & RT". But unfortunately the function to set the size of the column has not been applied to this latest version.

What's New in Version 1.3
ADDED: Lists button opens list management screen
ADDED: Create a new list from list management screen
ADDED: Edit list properties & membership from list management screen
ADDED: Edit list from list column settings
ADDED: Add/Remove a user to/from lists via user actions drop-down menu
ADDED: New setting to enable/disable in-line media previews
ADDED: Full-size media preview on image/URL click
ADDED: New column type: Interactions
ADDED: New column type: Activity
ADDED: More picture upload services
ADDED: “Edit & RT” retweet style
ADDED: “What’s new...” splash-screen 

For users of previous versions of the latest version of TweetDeck is already available in the auto update for both versions of Windows, Mac OS X and Google Chrome. For new users who want to try this application can be downloaded at the link below. 
Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X


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