Kindle Fire Successfully Sold 1 Million Units per Week

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Tablet computer output Amazon, Kindle Fire, reap success. Amazon announced the Kindle Fire tablets and other Kindle model sold 1 million units per week. Fire Kindle becomes a more powerful threat to the Apple iPad. Kindle Fire Currently only sale in the United States alone. sales of 1 million units per week for three weeks and claimed continued to increase.

Some reviews said the Kindle Fire disappointing, especially since many are comparing it with the iPad. But consumers remain interested in a lower-priced Kindle Fire.  Kindle Fire is touted as the strongest challenger to the current iPad. According to research firm IHS, Kindle Fire will sell 3.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011 and was runner up in the tablet market, second only to the iPad.

Kindle Fire sale by Amazon's loss so the price is very affordable, $ 199. Amazon has a lot to take into account will reap from the sale of digital content. "Amazon is not making money from the hardware Kindle, but the paid content and other products sold to consumers via the Kindle," added Andre Rassweiler, Senior Director, IHS.

Amazon sales target of 5 million Kindle Fire units since October 2011 until the end of 2011. In addition, Amazon also responded to criticism with a promise to seriously upgrade the software and improve the performance of touch navigation, and provide services to accommodate customer complaints. 


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