Probe Face Recognition System on Windows 8

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Microsoft has a lot to give glimpse of new features available in Windows 8. Start from simpler way of updates, support hundreds of processors, and a simple look. One of the security features offered by Microsoft on Windows 8 is, face recognition. Like what does it work?

In terms of security Microsoft also introduced a facial recognition feature. This method is claimed to be safer and easier than using a PIN or a user's finger print. Although somewhat not new, but the facial recognition feature in Windows 8 is claimed to differ from current methods. Faster and more secure.

Facial recognition system is divided into two core processes, taking photographs from the collections of users, then embed a set of movements within the image, can be in the form of circles, straight lines, and etc.

To recognize the user's password, the system will display the image in the form of a grid consisting of hundreds of boxes, then be withdrawn coordinates of each point which previously have been defined. Microsoft claims this system only takes less than 4 seconds to recognize faces, faster than typing a password users can reach 30 seconds.

Besides such mode is claimed to be safer because it has a kind of combination is more complex than a password of numbers and letters.


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