Google Announces Android 4.0.3, Introduces New Features

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Shortly after launching the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0, Google's latest update now bring up the OS. Google has made ​​some minor updates in Android 4.0, especially in the Galaxy Nexus. The release today from Android 4.0.3 SDK allows developers to create applications to prepare to take full advantage of this platform has been updated. Some things that affect the database access, Bluetooth, and graphical output. Video recording QVGA resolution got a new option, and the application will now be able to easily manage and control the video feature.

Still clear in our memory when the launch of ICS's first Android-based phones, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is accompanied by some software problems. Some time ago, Google launched the 4.0.2 update for the addition of mobile hotspot feature, 3G/4G data connection that is more optimal and others.

Latest update, Android 4.0.3 provide other features. The first is an additional API that allows the developer to make use of contacts, calendar, and camera capabilities such as video stabilization and others. Moreover, there is also an improvement in graphics, databases, spell-checking, Bluetooth and others.

Some applications also gain greater control over the calendar settings, acquire the ability to define several new options. Social media buffs will present a new API, which will help integrate various applications to social networks such as status updates to contacts in Android smartphones. But once again, this is only for Android smartphones that are supported by the presence of Android 4.0 course.  



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