Firmware Update Nokia Lumia 800 Optimize Performance Battery

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Nokia has just released the latest firmware for Nokia Lumia 800. In the latest update is rumored to optimize battery performance of the smartphone platform is Windows Phone from Nokia. The new firmware "showed significant improvement" for runtime Nokia Lumia 800.  

Nokia said that this firmware update also brings improved audio quality and a few other tweaks. But unfortunately, still not present WiFi tethering at the Nokia Lumia 800, and not every user will get Nokia Lumia 800 this firmware update.

Firmware Update Nokia Lumia 800 Optimize Performance Battery

The latest firmware version is 1600.2487.8107.12070, and the latest firmware release will take place over a period of four weeks. Update has been initiated on this day, then 4, 11, and 18 April. Nokia does not inform how long the battery life of Nokia Lumia 800 after the firmware update. But there are some leaked evidence to suggest that the battery life of Nokia Lumia 800 will rise to 3-fold after an update to the latest firmware.

Other changes from firmware update is fettling on the bass performance at the Audio Nokia Lumia 800. Fettling or cleaning performance with this bass makes the music listening experience more enjoyable and the sound quality when making phone calls became more clear. The soft keys will also light up no matter what the brightness level of the display, too.

Quick recap of known improvements / fixes in the update:
  • Enhanced battery standby and talk time performance
  • Battery capacity icon instead of question mark on top right of screen
  • Improved bass in audio performance
  • Soft-key illumination at all brightness levels
  • Fixes for device performance issues including self-reboots, freezes and call-ending


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