Download Opera Mini 7 For Android

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For those of you Android gadget users there is good news, Opera Mini 7 For Android is available in the download of Google play Store. In addition, to reduce the burden while browsing, it will compress and depreciation web page that is sent to your device that is lighter, Opera claims that Opera Mini 7 will shrink loads of websites that you open up to 90%, so that the data are used not only become a little more, but also allows users to browse the web faster. Opera Mini 7 for Android now also includes camera support, as well as better support for HTML5 sites’ functionality through its Ragnarök technology. It is also adding WebGL support, for 3D functionality. WebGL is used in the development of cross-platform games.

Download Opera Mini 7 For Android

Opera Mini 7 for Android brings increased on the Speed ​​Dial feature is located on the Home Screen. With Opera Mini 7, you’ll get a Speed ​​Dial button as much as you wish. Add all the sites you want to see exactly when you’re using your browser. So, no longer need to type on a mobile keyboards or bookmarks. Through Opera Mini 7, users can also access the internet while traveling abroad, without having to worry about data charges are expensive.

New features in Opera Mini 7.0
  • OpenGLES hardware acceleration
  • Unlimited speed dials
  • Just press the star found in the address bar to add speed dials and close tabs easily with a touch (Touch phones only)
  • Improved Right-to-left text support (Arabic, Hebrew) in UI elements
  • Share URLs using NFC Beam (NFC-enable ICS devices)
  • Exit button, can be enabled in Advanced section of Options
  • Stabilization fixes
Download Opera Mini 7.0 from Google Play Store or by visiting from your device.


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