Chrome to Phone 2.3.0 for Android

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Google releases Chrome to Phone version 2.3.0 which will update the user interface display for more modern applications. Support for application in landscape view is also getting better, despite what we've wanted this a long time. Finally, a bug that would make the application crashes while transferring text from your computer to be repaired. One of the devices that suffer most from this bug is a tablet Honeycomb.

Chrome to Phone works with the copy of Chrome on your desktop or laptop. We don't always come across information right when we're ready to use it, and Chrome to Phone lets you transfer things like URLs from Chrome on your PC to your phone's browser, so you can check them out later, or while on the go.

What's in this version:
  1. Updated look and feel
  2. Fixed crash when copying text from Chrome to the device
  3. Added landscape support
Today's release of Chrome to Phone 2.3.0 updates the app's user interface for a more modern look (after all, Android's come a long way since the app first launched). Support for the app in landscape is nice feature, though one we wish would have been there ages ago. Finally, a bug that would crash the app while transferring text to it from your computer, one that reportedly was especially prevalent on Honeycomb tablets, has been resolved. The updated Chrome to Phone is available in the Android Market now.


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