BeBuzz for BlackBerry Updated to v5.0.26

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BeBuzz has become one of the best applications for the BlackBerry for a long time. And now the application has been updated to version 5.0.26! BeBuzz serve as a warning if a call came. In general, mobile users will use the ringtone for incoming call notification. Well, BeBuzz use different ways to the way in general. This application uses the existing LED signal on Blackberry devices.

At the time of this update, BeBuzz fixing some bugs like LED contacts are not working at the time free. Hit the break to find out what is new with v5.0.24!

What’s new?
  • Fixed contact LEDs not working while in free/unlicensed mode
  • Fixed coverage  indicator not working while in free/unlicensed mode
 Download the updated BeBuzz from App World


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