Your World New Feature in Google Search Create More personal

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Google back to make changes to its search engine. search results are now enriched with content obtained from Google+ social networking and Google's Picasa which is used by search engine users. With the new method called Search Plus Your World, will display more content for users who are logged into a Google account, provides access to information that may have saved nor in the user or his post on Google+.

If you search for keywords "Chikoo", you can find the photos uploaded on Google+ friends while vacationing in Chikoo, will appear in the top row of the search results. This new model search can be enjoyed by users who activate their Google account and have friends who allow any content that can be shared. Google also will feature celebrity comments or influential people who are members of social networking on the topic being searched for users.

Google ensures the security of personal data used in the search engines by using encryption and other security mechanisms are equivalent to those used in Gmail. As the number one search engine in the world, Google seeks to maintain its dominance of competitors such as Microsoft's Bing search engine that is now holding Facebook.


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