Google Doodle Celebrates Birth of Nicholas Steno

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Google Doodle Celebrates Birth of Nicholas Steno - The search engine Google today featuring its logo with the structure of the earth. Decorative design the Google logo, celebrating the 374th anniversary of Nicholas Steno, father of modern geology. He was born today, January 11, 1638 and died on November 25, 1686. Google Doodle is illustrated in a style where there are six stacks of geological layers with a variety of fossils and a layer of green in the topmost layer.

Scientists from Denmark started studying medicine at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands at a young age (20 years). Then he continued his studies of anatomy in Italy, by generating a neighbor tooth shark research. He later discovered that the tooth shark has a certain resemblance to the objects of rock. From there he found the concept of fossils and identify them as living organisms.

This is a fitting tribute to a man who worked on the rock layers and fossils, especially the study of geology as we know it today. Interested in a fossil shark tooth embedded in rock, he began to learn how solid objects can be found in other solid objects, like stones. Steno hypothesis, that in a sequence of rock layers, then a layer of rock that lies beneath relatively older age than the layer above it. Derived from it, this theory became known as the law of superposition of Steno.

Besides known as the father of modern geology, Steno also a pioneer of anatomy. Major projects and famous who've done Steno is Anatomical Observations (1662), Elementorum Myologiae Specimen, seu Musculi Descriptio Geometrica (1667), Concerning Solids Naturally Contained within Solids (1669), Elementary Mylogical Specimens (1669), and Discours de Monsieur Stenon sur L'Anatomie du Cerveau (1669).


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