YouTube Presents 'Snow' in His site

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Celebrating Christmas, YouTube beautify the look of the site. Coincided with the winter snow in some countries, the team behind the video-sharing sites do not want to miss this brings 'snow' in the videos that they have. YouTube visitors can now see the arrival of 'snow' in the form contained in the video button. Visitors can even arrange a lot of snow or not they receive. you can see it by pressing the icon of snow at the bottom of the video display as shown below.

Once you press it then it will snow that will satisfy you turn the video display, you can also get rid of snow snowfall by moving the cursor to the right and left seemed to get rid of snow on the windows. If you are tired of the snow that fell continuously press the icon that you have hit the snow before then everything will be right again.

Interesting features are already available in most videos. This means that in some areas there are no YouTube visitors downfall of snow. The presence of attractive features is not the first time carried out YouTube. changes in the interface elements of this site YouTube also been done in a number of events until trending topic.

YouTube reportedly technicians are encouraged to create these features. For technicians who managed to create the best features, then he will be awarded the trophy.


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