TweetDeck 1.1, Reduce in Crash Latest Update

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Since TweetDeck was released, many are complaining about performance and instability of this Twitter client. That is why Twitter makes repairs to fix the issue in his latest update. Twitter has just released TweetDeck 1.1 for desktop as well as web-based version of Chrome. When observed, this version is not much different from the version 1.0.

No new features were added here, which might be disappointing for some users. But Twitter promise that by updating to this version, users will not experience frequent crashes that previously occurred. Very easy to install desktop version, but users must uninstall version 1.0 first.

TweetDeck original version has never been a version of its status until it was acquired by Twitter in May. TweetDeck Twitter client is one that is widely used. The release of this latest version of Tweetie which follows a new design was released a few weeks ago. In addition to having a new logo, which last TweetDeck design also make it easier for users in its use.

Download TweetDeck 1.1


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