Infinity Blade II, IOS Best Game at the end of 2011 Preview

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Finally came that had been waiting for. December 1, a game-ending entertainment CHAIR treats developers ready to play. With Unreal Engine 3 technology breakthrough, gamers will be treated to a graphical display that is light, shiny, full and realistic effect. If you have previously played Infinity Blade I. 

For information, Infinity Blade until recently a top IOS game that must be played. Because this is the first game in the IOS with the Unreal Engine technology. Graphic tasty treats in the eyes but still mild. Still like the series before the player will play the main character is named Siris dynamically Exploring the world of 3D. Still like the first, Siris will see super big monsters and giants manifold knight and assassin. From my notes there are some interesting things in this game.
New Weapons: Dual Blade & Hammer
For those who have played Infinity Blade I would love this feature. We not only treated to a sword and shield upgrades only. Gamers who like to play with a fast character (full AGI) could 'career' with the dual blade. Unlike the usual weapons, this category has a 2x attack speed than regular weapons. Of course, the resulting damage is more severe. But, when we choose the path of this fight, we can not block for an enemy attack. With new weapons in the form of a large hammer mace, Siris be noticeably slower. But make no mistake, this type of weapon damage is the largest in the Infinity Blade II.
For those who've played the previous series, it would not be surprised by the protagonist of repeated death and revenge. so does the plot of his story series II. The circle of eternity seasoned violence, death, and the battle without end is still a major spirit of this game.
So start a new game, Siris-name the main character of this game, will appear in new places (like in Japan). Well basically the story continues after Siris had conquered God King in series I. All items adorn the highest body looked Siris: Infinity Blade Sword, shield node, ring Ring of Fire & Ice, Eridius helmet, and Seratic Armor.
New types of enemies are ready to halt its Siris. Of course, a direct blow to die within a few swords. Hey, but wait there was something odd about this game at the beginning. All seem easier with the highest caste weapons. Apparently this is the beginning of the story is true. Later we will start a career from scratch again. 


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