Some Things to Know About The Timeline Facebook

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After being delayed several time ago, Facebook introduced a feature eventually 'Timeline' on its website to all users. Actually, Facebook Timeline will be presented mid-September, but it was only really introduced earlier this week. Before September, actually a few users can try out this feature by using a special lane for developers, Facebook is a beta version to give certain users to get feedback. Developers can taste a big change this time limit up to 7 days.

Anyone can enjoy Facebook Timeline, before the company finally began to reform gradually. Like what exactly this brand-new features and what its usefulness? Here are a few things to know about the Timeline.

1. What is Facebook Timeline?
  Timeline is a new feature that replaces the Facebook profile page. This feature shows the recorded life story on Facebook, featuring all the posts ever made ​​from year to year.

2. How to get the features of the Timeline?
Facebook will soon publish the timeline for its users and spread the invitation to use it. Who want to try it now also can visit this Facebook Timeline, and click 'Get it Now' at the bottom right. Timeline change the look of the user's Facebook profile quite drastically.

3. What is displayed on Facebook Timeline?
Update status, photos, history of adding friends, employment history, relationship status and other information posted on Facebook users and recorded.

4. Who can see from the user's Timeline?
Each of your Facebook friends will see it in general, but not all can see each post. There is a time of 7 days when users begin to sign up to the Timeline where the user the opportunity to change the settings Timeline.

5. Whether to restrict the view of certain information in the Timeline? 
Yes, just like status updates and photos that exist now have filters set who can see it, as well as information on the Timeline.

6. Can remove specific items in the Timeline?  
Yes, delete the item is an option in the Timeline. In each post, just click the pen icon in the upper right corner and there is an option delete post.

7. What if the user does not want to use the Timeline?  
Users do not need to activate it. However, Facebook states at one time all Facebook members will be automatically redirected to the new look of Facebook with the Timeline. But they did not mention exactly when. 



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