Monster Hunter 4 Released in Spring 2013

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Capcom announces Monster Hunter 4 released in Spring 2013. The release date Monster Hunter 4 was revealed at the end of a new trailer that was shown during the event's Monster Hunter Special stage in Odaiba, Japan.  The trailer continued with what looked like a new field -- a vast golden plain.

There was also aired the trailer that shows the monster nest, and the monster is capable of pull out the fire from his mouth. Then when a walk in the field there will be a follow Felynes. There will also be shown there is a new monster like a fox but very agile. This monster was designed by hand and big ears.

Other monsters included Tigrex and Rathalos. Hunters were shown facing off against these beasts with new actions: one hunter jumping off a cliff into an attack, another attacking by climbing up a monster's back. Likely there will be more new monsters for the Monster Hunter 4 that have not been exhibited. 

More information can be expected when it was nearing the release schedule in the spring of next year and maybe Capcom will give rise to more specific schedule. you can go check the trailer Monster Hunter 4.


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