Google Play replaces Android Market

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Google has been successful with Android Market, but they seemed not satisfied there. Internet giant is also turning them into digital media store to rival Apple and Amazon. In the shop called Google Play it available digital books, music, movies and games.

Internet users can save up to 20 thousand songs for free and buy millions of new songs. In addition, there are over 450 thousand Android applications and games, to find E-books and borrow new HD-quality movies. However, the experience offered by Google Play this depends on the user's location.

This innovation automatically brings together Google Music, Google Books and the Android Market. Android Market visitors will be redirected to a page that displays a single feature for books, music, games and movies. Google Play can be accessed through any mobile device.

According to, Google's engineering director, Chris Yerga, it has long been planned but waiting for the right to be released. They spent many months moving the Android Market to be the hub of digital media (digital media center)  


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