Download Opera Mini Next 7.0 for BlackBerry

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Download Opera Mini Next 7.0 for BlackBerry - Opera Mini has long been an alternative browser for BlackBerry. Many things which we cannot do via the BlackBerry default browser can be done in Opera Mini. This time Opera Mini came with the newest version called Opera Mini 7.0 Next.

In its own features several changes from previous versions of opera mini in the newest version which is more focused on speed dial accesses social media pages and email just as facebook, twitter and gmail. Equipped with a turbo feature to access a web page of Opera Mini 7.0 Next to be faster. 
Opera Mini Next 7.0 for BlackBerry

Here's some stuff on Opera Mini 7.0 Next : 

1. Smart Page
The most visible new feature is perhaps the redesign of the start screen and the addition of Smart Page. This page gives you an overview of your favorite sites, latest updates from social networks (Twitter and Facebook), news gathered from your favorite sites (via their RSS feeds) and suggested links. Note that you can clear the Smart Page by selecting "Clear history" from the privacy settings.

2. Support for more than 9 speed dials
One common complaint has been the restrictions on the number of speed dials. We have now solved this and you can add as many as you like, or in practice as many as your device can handle. Synching your speed dials between desktop and Opera Mini should be a much nicer experience now. Note that there is a couple of known issue when synching with Opera Link. Speed dials may move around unexpectedly and the order can be inconsistent.

We have also added a convenient way to add new speed dials: just press the star found in the address bar (touch devices only).

3. Improved support for RTL
Right-to-left text in UI elements should now be correctly drawn. We would like to fix as many of the these bugs as possible, so if you find issues, please report them.

4. Tab improvements
Tabs can now be closed with one click on touch devices. And when you close a tab, Opera Mini will switch to the last used tab.

No more "www." in address bar

Most sites today can be used without the WWW prefix. So we have removed it as well. The auto completion still supports it of course.

Download Opera Mini Next 7.0 for BlackBerry


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