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Taking a moment of technological event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012, Microsoft released a version of "Consumer Preview" of the newest operating system, Windows 8. Windows 8 Consumer Preview or can we call a beta version of Windows 8 can be used by the public free of charge until the final version is available.However, because it is still testing, Microsoft does not guarantee any programs or computational processes can be run well.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview, by Stefen Sinofsky, brought more than 100,000 changes or improvements over version of the Developer Preview. Microsoft previously released a Developer Preview version of Windows 8 at the end of 2011 last year and has been downloaded more than three million times. Microsoft called Windows 8 as the most significant redesign of the Windows interface, since they present a Windows 95.

the emphasis of the new design is at the interface of Windows 8 "Metro style" which refers to the interface used in current Windows Phone platform. For the first time, the famous Windows "Start" is not used anymore and will be replaced by a menu-based panel sliding (sliding panel-based menu). In Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to combine the look and experience of the use of smartphones, tablet, and desktop computers.

Unlike previous Windows versions that support only the x86 processor architecture, Windows 8 also supports the ARM chip that is widely used in tablet devices generally. Users of Windows 8 will be a lot using the shear (sliding) to access the menus or applications. However, Microsoft will still use the traditional Windows layout (by combining with sliding method) for the convenience of users in using applications, such as Word and Excel.

You are interested to try it? you can download it from this page


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