Anything New in Angry Birds Facebook?

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Rovio has just launched a new version of Angry Birds on Facebook. So what new features you have in the game? Angry Birds on Facebook, for the first time introduced in Jakarta. One city that according to many players able to contribute Rovio Angry Birds on Facebook. Angry Birds on Facebook apparently has some features that are not in the other series. Call it the ability to invite other players to play together.

Some features of Angry Birds on Facebook which claimed very interesting, such as: 
Angry Birds On Facebook
1. Elements of Social Media 
Utilizing Facebook means this game should be played together. That is one of the main features of the Angry Birds on Facebook. Users can berlommba the race to achieve the highest score, to get the awards in the form of gold, silver, and bronze.

2. Power-Ups
In addition to the Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds on Facebook offer features power-ups to help destroy the pig egg thieves. This feature can be obtained at a certain level or it could be a buy. Speaking of Power-Ups, this feature turns out to have several parts. Sling Scope, which can help to throw on target. Then Kling Sling, which makes the bird flew quickly.
In addition there is another Super Seeds that can enlarge the size of the angry birds that can cause greater damage effects. And lastly there Birdquake, can issue earthquake that knocked down all the defense pork. 


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