Zynga Launches Facebook Game Hidden Chronicles

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Zynga Launches Facebook Game Hidden Chronicles - Zynga re-build games for social networks Facebook. After the success of the game Farmville, CastleVille, and CityVille, this time trying to make a Zynga game with the theme of mystery. Hidden Chronicles is presented with attractive graphics and game play more challenging. With 50 levels are available, the game is claimed to provide a different experience for casual gamers.
There are endless combinations to find the hidden object, so you'll spend your time in the game with ever new experience every time, This game was first shown to the media in October 2011. Hidden Chronicles game was officially released and can be played on Facebook. Currently, the game Hidden Chronicles have been like more than 390,000 Facebook users.
This game will be available in 15 languages​​, where users Facebook account can play for free or pay some money for some specific virtual objects that had to be bought with money. Hidden Chronicle is a fishing game players to find objects hidden in a different location for each level. As players progress through the game they will complete quests, solve interactive puzzles, and earn coins to unlock new scenes as they unravel the mysteries of Ramsey Manor. 
Mystery to be solved is when players will get a letter from an uncle who died mysteriously and left a note. The contents of the letter are the instructions to play the game. Game with a concept like this is pretty much met for casual games on the PC platform, but because the game is available on Facebook, so gamers can invite their Facebook friends to play.
The game has 50 levels, taking players through different areas of the world and time periods. On their search for these items players will travel to scenes such as Central Park, a Paris bistro, underwater wreckage, and a voodoo shop.


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