Wordpress 2.0 for Android, Now Available on Android Market

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WordPress has just updated the latest version of its web pages for Android users. WordPress released version 2.0 for Android. Wordpress called it a major update that First there is a new look with Dashboard and have access to one push to make a new post. By focusing on the new UI and features improved posting, post editor web part also perform better, display pages, uploading media, view statistics, manage comments, read blogs and more.

Display Wordpress 2.0 for Android is a full-screen display where the new post editor who now have the formatting toolbar. Finally, the release of WordPress is also It supports tablet apps, adding a special layout just for Android tablets. Wordpress continues to be a free application and we can get it from the Android Market.

Other additions to WordPress 2.0 for Android include:

- Stats chart improvements
- Background post uploading
- WordPress.com Read feature improvements
- Post Status is now displayed in post list
- Reliability improvements and more

Download WordPress For Android 2.0 Apk Mirror Link

Download WordPress For Android 2.0 Android Market Link


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