Updated Official BlackBerry App World v3.1.0.58

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Still remember my post a few days ago? About how the BlackBerry ready to present a parental control feature? Looks like this latest appearance was prepared newest BlackBerry App World. And some of us may already be receiving the latest update to version 3.0.158.

BlackBerry App World v3.1 itself introduced some interesting changes to RIM's BlackBerry App Store by adding content ratings, applying gifting system, and ultimately allow users to access App World via WiFi. RIM continues to make small tweaks to the app since leaving beta status for the period mid-December. and now the latest version already available.

BlackBerry App World v3.1.0.58

New things that can be found on this appworld view is that we can access based on the country where we are. This feature does not provide access when we already have applications that are stored in the BlackBerry.

A minor update has been issued for BlackBerry App World this afternoon. The Regions tab and other small bugs have been fixed with the new version so stay tuned for the upgrade as it makes its way to everyone's devices. please direct them to download the latest updates on the BlackBerry AppWorld.


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