UnifyPhotos Application to Move the Flickr Photos to Facebook

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The following application is intended for those who love to share pictures in online. This application enables users who want to bring all the Flickr photos to Facebook. This application is named UnifyPhotos, Developed Goyaka Labs, he lets the owner of a Flickr account to copy the photos to Facebook with a very simple way.

Users just connect Facebook account with this application and allow the applications UnifyPhotos to connect it to Flickr. after authorize it, then the user will be presented with a collection of his Flickr sets that are ready to be moved. on the first day of its release, he was transferred as many as 20,000 photos from more than 500 albums on Flickr. worth noting is this application will only copy a set of photographs, not every photo that is uploaded.
After selecting the set which will be migration, UnifyPhotos will place it in a Facebook album complete with its original name. Goyaka Labs team from setting up any photos that have been sent to Facebook in a private condition. With this the user can choose which photos to be shared and which are not. 

Users who want to show off Flickr photos to Facebook will be able to enjoy these applications free of charge. you only live register at the official site UnityPhotos.


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