QuickLaunch for BlackBerry Now Supports For OS 7.0

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NikkiSoft has released QuickLaunch for BlackBerry OS 7, whereas for users of OS 6.0 is expected soon. QuickLaunch is one of the most popular applications on a BlackBerry smartphone, and now RIM has managed to update the application so that it can use a row of new BlackBerry smartphones with OS 7.

Applications are often called the "Swiss army knife" of his BlackBerry will present several new features such as app shortcuts, screen captire and sharing, password auto fill, Bluetooth and many more. Update this QuickLaunch on the device OS 7.0 brings the following new features: Adds QuickLaunch items, choice of larger fonts, the transition from mobile Hotspot to the NFC, animated view of the battery, notifications and much more.
QuickLaunch for BlackBerry
QuickLaunch is application / functional changes QuickLaunch 4.0 currently sold, at a price of $ 1.99. See more info or get QuickLaunch 4.0 from App World


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