Only Two Days In PS Vita 321,400 Units Sold

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Sony has launched PlayStation Vita in Japan a few days ago. The emergence of portable PS This seems really awaited by gamers in Japan. How could I not, in just two days, as many as 321,400 units sold PS Vita. But it seems the number is not the amount of total sales. Because this statement is not emerging from the Sony. Is a research agency called Enterbrain who said it.

This amount still can not beat the sales record Nintendo 3DS capable sold over 371,000 units in the first two days of sales. But sales of 3DS was only good at the beginning only, and finally forcing Nintendo to cut its price to increase sales. Sony seemed to be trying to avoid a similar phenomenon by offering 26 games at the launch of the PS Vita. Sony's own party acknowledges that the real challenge is to maintain the level of sales to remain stable.

For electronics and entertainment giant based in Tokyo, the Vita is the biggest product launch after the Playstation 3 which was first introduced five years ago. PS Vita has a sensitivity to movement and using a touch-based interface. Gamers can be connected via the mobile phone network or WiFi hotspots, and use the search technology of GPS.

PS Vita is equipped with a camera in front and behind, in front of a touch screen, a touch pad on the back, and two joysticks shaped like a lever. The console can also be used to compete with one another with the Playstation 3 console, via the Playstation Network.

But this success should be tarnished with the problems that the buyer accepted this PS Vita. According to reports, many of Vita PS buyers are disappointed with the game console, because they find systems that are experiencing bugs ranging from screens that freeze, input touchscreen stopped working, and suddenly the system crashes.

Sony immediately reacted by setting up multiple firmware updates are expected to include some of these weaknesses. "Some of the issues regarding the PlayStation Vita can be resolved with the latest updates."


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