Fookcover Provides interesting to Cover Photo Facebook Timeline

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Still confused to find an interesting photo to cover up your Facebook Timeline? a few days ago Facebook users have started using the new Timeline feature. Even the Android and iPhone users had been able to enjoy the Timeline feature in their devices, If you are still confused to find photos for the cover of the Timeline, you'll want to listen to the following information.

There are various types of photos that you can apply to cover the Facebook Timeline, such as a photo trip or something more artistic to be able to attract the attention of users who see your Facebook Timeline,  image or sketches you made ​​possible. However, if you have no idea at all to cover it, you can try this one.

The site is named Fookcover offers easy for you to choose the photos of interest to cover up the Facebook Timeline. Fookcover provides a variety of gorgeous photos and interesting with a variety of categories, like the nature, abstract, urban and cute. You can also submit your own photos by emailing, with dimensions of 851x315 (PNG format).

FookCover still in beta, and images may further be added by them from day to day, but those interested can also provide their photographs to be put together on the page. Unfortunately, you have to add a cover photo by download, is not automatic. You can also click "Add Cover" to share their favorite photos from Fookcover on your wall. Interested to try your Facebook Timeline to replace the cover with a collection of these photos? Visit the website directly and find Fookcover cover your favorite photo.


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