Directly Challenge the iPad, Google Prepare Nexus Tablet

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Google will further enliven the market competition tablet with the release of Nexus tablet which immediately present in the market about 6 months. The news before we think of as the rumor was indeed out of the comments one of the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt. Of course this news will increase the resistance against Apple's increasingly brutal Google, which previously only enlivened by the iPad and Galaxy Tab only.

Schimdt's comments were confirmed by an Italian newspaper Corriere della named Sea. The newspaper also adds the information that Google also plans to expand the capabilities of voice recognition to rival his shrewdness Siri user should answer the request. Schmidt did not elaborate further about the Google plan. But chances are, this Internet giant will partner with the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Apple and Google in competition, Schmidt still found time to praise Steve Jobs as an inspirational figure, "Steve Jobs is Michelangelo in our era, and yet we are present as a competitor," said Schimdt.


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